Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vermont: And Being Absent

Oh, so sorry for those of you who stop by occasionally. I have broken all of the rules of blogging.  I have been absent. I have not posted.  But now, I hope to be back.

Christmas already seems like a distant memory. Already, life in the city has overwhelmed me/us.  There are meetings to attend.  Lessons to attend. Schedules to juggle.  (It's no wonder I think I have an ulcer).

But vacation was blissful. Snow, fresh snow.  Lots of time with friends. Just the right amount of time with extended family.  Lots and lots of nights by the fire.  Evenings at home with Brad, Stefan and Abby.  Trips to Bolton and Stowe.

And oh, yes, plenty of cross country skiing right out the front door.