Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DC: And Still Thinking About

I couldn't stop writing. I wrote for days. I wrote when I got home from work late into the night in my hotel. Words swirled in my head during meetings.  They were crowding into that space in my brain that hadn't been nurtured for a long time.

So, now the article on change in Serbia -- which I wrote after a five-year hiatus from visiting -- has been polished off. It's been sent to the Huffington Post. My fingers are crossed and we'll see.

I wrote about how things had changed.  The vibrancy of the city. The l'air du temps after lifting so much oppression and political malice. The spirit in the air. The streets and cafes. The art and the design.

Belgrade is a city that is part of me, you see.  The better part of 5 years spent focused on Balkan politics, the ills of the Milosevic regime and the fight for democracy.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

DC: And my Secret Life

I snuck away today.  Away from the kids and my husband and into the crowd. It was a perfect sunny day to indulge.

And so I dug in.  Into several places to satisfy my fix on 14th Street. Muleh and Room and Board. And then Cork Market for a few bottles of wine and some chocolate mousse to take away.

It was enough of a fix for me for today.  

And now plenty to think about for our house in Vermont.  Yummy yellow velvet.  Cow hide stools. A fabulous yellow bookshelf/desk for Abby's room.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Europe: Some Recent Stops

It's been a month. Oh so much has happened since then. Miles logged. Reconnecations with old friends.  Work, work, work.  Most significantly? A trip back to Serbia, my former hometown. Right now, I'm working on a small article and hoping to get it published but I'll give you some small highlights from my fabulous, inspiring, bittersweet week in Belgrade.

Like the Serbian design scene.  Designers like Aleksandra Lalic and Dragana O. are breaking new ground.  Women in NYC would die for these designs -- edgy, modern, oh so cool.

I came home with just a few new dresses and jackets. Oh, and a skirt and a blouse.  It was very hard to decide which of these unique designs to bring home.

I could not have imagined 15 years ago when I was promoting democracy there that such a scene would emerge. But I am so thrilled that it did.