Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vermont: And my Day Job

So, since we are getting acquainted, there are a few other things I should tell you about my life when I'm not in Vermont. I travel.  Quite a lot to some interesting places in the developing world.  Not the kind of places that I ever dreamed of.

Last year, I visited the world's newest nation -- South Sudan. I spent 10 days in Juba, a dusty, up-and- coming capital city crawling with international development and humanitarian aid workers.

Trips like these put things in perspective.  Like the privilege of having a clean bed and sheets to sleep on each night.  The ability to close a window.   Of driving to school in a car, rather than walking along a dusty road. Of having electricity to read by at night.

Oh, perspective. I gain so much of it during my travels.