Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vermont: And a Storm Called Sandy

Where to begin? How to put into words what we are feeling? The anxieties we experience hourly?

Thankfully, we are all safe and sound here in D.C.  Our house experienced high winds and a small leak but that is no big deal.  In NY and NJ, the same can't be said. People are without power and water.  Kids will go to sleep tonight in a strange place, instead of their own home. Houses have been flooded. Businesses ruined. 

And on Fire Island, one of the hardest hit locations along the Eastern seaboard, we just don't know what has happened to our dear summer house. We do know that 120 people who chose to stay behind are stranded, with no way to get off. We do know that streets are flooded waist deep.  We do know that the size of this storm was something few of us could fathom.We do know that houses washed away, collapsed into the ocean.

Our summer community will never be the same.