Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vermont: And our Weekends

Yesterday was truly a perfect Vermont day.  I've had a hard time focusing on the positive the last few weeks of chaos and upheaval but paused for a few minutes yesterday to take it all in.

First, picking up our chickens. Yes, I said chickens. 8 beautiful birds were loaded into the back of Brad's VW bus yesterday and made their journey to Starksboro (more about that later). And by 5 pm, we had an egg -- a perfect, warm egg.

Then, we stopped by the bustling Middlebury Farmers Market. Cheeses. Bread. Colorful vegetables.  We stocked up on all of it!  John, our contractor's wife, has a lovely stand with homespun wool and organic chickens.

Next, we stopped for organic chicken feed and grists (oh, something new I know about now).

Then, I picked apples from our orchard and yes, made a pie.  Not so pretty but delicious...and so proud that the apples are from our very own tree.

And we ended our night with a barn dance. The kids frolicked in the hay bales.  We bid on a few silent auction items.

Home and in bed by 10ish. Still lots of angst but it was a perfect Vermont day.