Monday, October 21, 2013

Vermont: And the "Process"

Some days, I start writing a book in my head. The words tumble out. About our move to Vermont. Why we did it. What motivated us. How I'm feeling. It's mostly about how I'm feeling.

It could be titled "A Year in Vermont" but Brad wouldn't like that title. And maybe it would be "Our 5 Years in Vermont" or "Our Life in Vermont."

But for now, I honestly don't know. Some days, I'm thrilled with being here and the beauty and simplicity that surrounds.

Other days, I struggle to remember why we moved and left behind our life, our friends, our routines, our way of life in the city.

I struggle to think about how we will connect and build a life here that will be as full and satisfying as our life in Washington, DC.

So, if you are reading this, be patient with me.  If you are reading this, please don't ask why.  If you are reading this, please remember that it takes time.

Just try to have faith, as I'm trying, that we made the right decision.