Friday, March 15, 2013

DC: And thoughts of...Paris

On a particularly frustrating dat at work last February, I went on the Delta Airlines website.  I quickly discovered that I could fly to Paris. For only 30,00 miles.  A phone call to my husband and a click later, our April trip to Paris was hatched.

What a trip it was.

Abby and I took off late on a Friday evening from Dulles.  The next morning, we were in Paris and enchanted by our tiny fifth floor walk up apartment in the the heart of Le Marais.  We proceeded to eat, drink and walk our way across Paris that week, giggling like two old girlfriends when it literally poured on our heads late one evening gazing up at the Le Tour Eiffel.  Chatting like two old friends over a late night dinner and an amazing prune dessert.  Delighting in sleeping in and opening our tall windows to gaze upon the city slowly waking up far below. 

Looking back on that special experience, I marvel at the fun we had. 

But also at the Paris that my daughter captured in some 300 images. Here are just a few that I thought I'd share with you.