Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vermont: And Making it Over the Hump

I made an amazing discover this week.  Somewhere between thinking about an upcoming trip to India for work and realizing how much I ate over Thanksgiving weekend, I thought of this as home. That doesn't feel strange anymore.  I slowly have established a routine. The kids have made friends and are continuing to do so.

It's now four months since we made the BIG move from Washington, DC. People still shake their heads with wonder when I tell them that we moved here....from there.  And comment, "wow, that's a big change."

But I can smile now without silently screaming in my head, "I know!!!"  I'm used to the reaction and comfortable with all of the reasons we chose to move.

And so, here's to month four of our big, Vermont, country adventure.  Let the good times roll.