Sunday, November 17, 2013

Vermont: And Finding Happiness Everywhere

Here are just some of the things that made me happy and brought a smile to my face this weekend, reaffirming my belief in Vermont and our decision to move here:

1.  Spending time with Abby.  It was mommy and Abby time most of Saturday-- going to horseback riding and hitting the annual craft fairs.  Loved it.

2.  Craft fairs.  So unlike me. Very uncharacteristic.  But I do love these Vermont craft fairs.  I especially love paying people who typically undervalue their hard work.  I appreciate what it takes to knit a pair of mittens or make a beautiful wooden cutting board in many, many ways.

3.  Discovering a cool product.  Abel and Lovely.  Some Vermonters probably already know this cool  Charlotte-based company -- makers of yummy smelling soaps and cool t-shirts -- but I stumbled upon them at the Charlotte Craft Fair.  And met the lovely co-founder, Kristin.

4.  Curling up in our reading nook.  Now complete with our reindeer skin from Sweden,  lots of lots of throw pillows from all over the world, including Thailand and Senegal, and a perfect place for reading the Sunday New York Times.

5. Breaking bread with new neighbors.  We are just getting settled here and it's so great to meet interesting, fun people and have them over for dinner. Especially when they bring amazing apple and currant cobbler for dessert!