Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vermont: And the Story it Tells

I have a story to tell. But I have never been good about putting it down on paper.

Many years ago when I worked in Serbia with democracy activists, I dreamed of taking my notes and writing a memoir. It would talk of the brave, young activists whom I met. The lonely days I spent there as a young American political consultant trying to bring about change under an oppressive regime.   The agony of war, still fresh from the Balkans tragedy that unfolded, and playing out on the lives of the people I toiled to help.

That book never happened.  And so this blog was born along the way.

But our house in Vermont tells a story.  Of days spent in Belgrade. A visit to the market in Senegal under a hot African sun.  Many trips to Bangkok to collect fabrics and carvings and amazing containers for beetle nuts.  Trips to the labyrinth souk in Cairo for beads and alabaster bowls and brightly colored glass pitchers.

Step inside and see what I've been working on.